Outpatient Coumadin Clinic

Immediate Results, Rapid Action & Better Outcomes

Immediate Results, Rapid Action & Better Outcomes

Come visit our coumadin clinic in Grand Blanc, MI

Regional Cardiology Associates's Coumadin Clinic provides convenient, effective and real time management of Coumadin therapy on an outpatient basis. Coumadin therapy, also known as anticoagulation therapy, is the use of a medication to help prevent blood clots and is often referred to as a "blood thinner." If your cardiologist prescribes Coumadin, Jantoven or warfarin to help treat or prevent a serious blood clot condition, you should routinely have your international normalized ratio (INR) checked. Coumadin therapy can be harmful medication if it is not monitored closely.

Our services include: 

  • monitoring of your INR with results available within minutes.
  • Medication dosage adjustment based on your INR results.
  • Screen of drug and food interactions.
  • Patient education
  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Results communicated to your Primary Care Physician.

Regional Cardiology Associates have specially trained nurses who will work with your cardiologist to provide you with complete management of your anticoagulation, Comadin, therapy.