Consultations and Examinations

Consultations and Examinations

Our cardiac care begins with an interview and a physical examination. Your provider will fully explain your condition and recommended treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions. It is helpful to have previous medical records available related to any cardiac care. You need to bring all your prescription and over-the-counter medications with you.

Follow Up Visits

Established patients are scheduled for follow up visits with a cardiologist or a nurse practitioner. The frequency depends on your condition and symptoms. If your medications are changed, the frequency of visits might be more often while the effects of the medications are monitored and managed. If you have no new symptoms and are managing fine, the frequency of visits could be once a year.

Cardiac Surgical Clearance

These are often necessary before a surgery. Both you and your surgeon want to make sure nothing unexpected goes wrong during surgery, and one of the best ways to do so is to make sure you have no underlying cardiac issues. Surgery causes a great deal of stress on the body, it's important that you make sure your body can withstand related trauma. A cardiac clearance will give you peace of mind, and the appropriate paperwork you need so that you can safely undergo surgery.

Nurse Visit

Some established patients may benefit a visit with one our nurse for blood pressure checks, post-procedure wound checks, etc. These visits usually take 15 minutes or less.

Second Opinion

When you are faced with making a tough health care decision such as a surgery or getting an expensive test, it can be difficult knowing what the right choice is. To answer big questions, it can be helpful to talk to more than one doctor. This is called getting a second opinion. Some insurance companies cover second opinions. Schedule your second opinion appointment. Ensure the records from your first opinion doctor are available for this appointment.