Echocardiogram (Echo, Ultrasound of your Heart)

Please allow approximately 45 minutes for this test.

There are no special instructions for this test.

What to expect:

You will first be asked to undress from the waist up, for men bear chested, and women will be given a gown for the upper half of the body for the duration of the test. Your BP will be taken and you will be asked to lie on the table on your left side. You will be hooked up to 3 EKG wires. Ultrasound pictures will be taken from several different areas on your chest using a transducer and gel. During the echo you may be asked to breathe a certain way or to lay a certain way. Sometimes the transducer must be held firmly against your chest. This can be uncomfortable – but it helps the technician produce the best images of your heart. Sometimes an image enhancer may be used in order to produce the best possible image.