Dobutamine Stress Echo Instructions:

*Please allow approximately 1 hour for this test

1. You need to eat a light snack (such as toast, crackers, orange juice, water) two hours before the test.
2. Do not use powder, lotions or oil on your chest the day of the test (underarm deodorant is allowed).
3. Please bring a current list of ALL medications with you the day of the test.
4. This test uses an IV medication to increase your heart rate instead of walking the treadmill
5. The following medications can affect the performance and the interpretation of your test.

DO NOTtake any of the following medications the night before or the morning of your test. Failure to do this may result in rescheduling of your appointment. Please take all other medications as they are regularly prescribed.

Beta Blockers: Tenormin, Atenolol, Tenoretic, Lopressor, Metoprolol, Toprol, Toprol XL, Corgard, Nadolol, Corzide, Inderal, Propranolol, Inderide, Innopran, Blocadren, Timolol, Timolide, Visken, Pindolol, Coreg, Carvedilol, Betaxolol, Betapace, Sotalol, Labetalol, Normodyne, Sectral, Acebotolol, Zebeta, Ziac, Bisoprolol, Bystolic, Nebivolol

Nitrates: Imdur, Isosorbide, Ismo, Isordil, Monoket, Nitrobid, Nitrostat, Nitrodur

What to expect:

During a Dobutamine Stress Echo you will be in the office for approximately 1 hour. You will first be asked to sign consent to perform the stress test. Men will be bare chested and women will be given a gown to wear during the entire test for the upper half of the body. You will lie on the table for the duration of the test. You will be hooked up to and EKG wires, BP cuff and an IV will be started. Before the stress portion begins, you will undergo approximately 15 minutes of baseline echo pictures. Sometimes an image enhancer may be used in order to produce the best possible image. The stress test will then begin and the Dobutamine will be given to you through the IV for up to 12 minutes or less, until your target heart rate is reached based on your age. You will feel your heart beat faster and stronger during this portion. Echo pictures will be taken on and off and EKG and BP will be continuously monitored. Once we reach your target heart rate, the medication will be stopped and your heart rate will return to normal within a few minutes. You will then recover for approximately 6 minutes during which one last set of echo pictures will be taken, along with a final EKG and BP.