Carotid Doppler

A Carotid Doppler is an ultrasound of the arteries in your neck. This test can show narrowing or possible blockages due to plaque buildup in the arteries due to coronary artery disease.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for this test.

There are no special instructions for this test.

What to expect:

The test is performed by a trained technician. You will be asked to lie flat on an examination table, with your head on a pillow, slightly turned away from the side being examined. You will be able to keep your shirt on for this exam, but necklaces will need to be removed. The sonographer will apply gel to an ultrasound transducer and position it on the side of your neck. In order to obtain good quality images, it is necessary to apply some pressure with the probe. You will hear sounds due to the Doppler recording the blood flow. Images of the arteries will be recorded and various measurements will be taken.

If the test was ordered by your primary care physician, RCA will forward the results directly to them within a few days. Otherwise, you will be given a follow up appointment within a few weeks at RCA to discuss the results.